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Munnar - The Perfect Place to Visit in Winter

Munnar is the ultimate destination for all the leisure seekers, travel enthusiasts, honeymooners and adventurists. This hill station is one of the best and most visited in the entire country and people flock to this place from all over the world at all times of the year.

But to enjoy this holiday destination to the fullest, you must be aware of the best time to visit Munnar. With its pleasant climate, Munnar has got many number of visitors throughout the year. But you can expect it to have more visitors during the peak seasons, even if it experiences cold winters too.

The weather is extremely cold during winter that is in the month of December and January. During winters, the temperature ranges between 5 C and 15 C. However, you won't experience snow like North Indian hill stations like Manali or Shimla. The hill station does not witness heavy snowfall and even then numerous tourists throng Munnar in the month of December and January during Christmas and New Year.

Towards December and till the end of January, we have the winter season the coldest months of the year. You will have to carry heavy woollen scarves and blankets to protect yourself from the cold. The higher your stay in Munnar (probably in one of the best luxury hotels in Munnar), the colder it will get and hence, you must be prepared for the bone-chilling cold. Ragamaya Resort & Spa Munnar guarantees you a luxury stay in Munnar.

The bitter cold encourages travellers to engage themselves in activities that would bring in some heat to their bodies rock climbing, trekking and rappelling. There is a lot more to do in Munnar and it has a lot to offer for every kind of traveller whether it is fun, adventure, relaxation or exploration. The leisure activities offered by Ragamaya Resort & Spa, the most visited luxury resort in Munnar are as follows. Make sure you have the necessary accessories while you set forth to check out the various bounties of nature.

Climb up the top of the hill station and experience the sheer bliss of a peak winter outing in Munnar. Peak winters in this hill station add up to the uniqueness and beauty of the sights. Normally, Munnar weather is charming throughout the year, but the winters can sometime surprise you with sudden extremities, occasionally. Pretty, fresh dawns and equally delightful dusks, that is how exactly the winter season in Munnar is like.

Snuggled in the lap of enthralling Western Ghats, conveniently situated at a height of approximately 1600 meters above the sea, Munnar is frequented by visitors all around the year. One can come here to explore the picturesque regions, discover secluded untouched areas, experience the simple lifestyle and spend a few tranquil nights in a natural landscape to revitalize their senses. So in short, when it comes to Munnar, any season is a good season. But the best time to visit Munnar is definitely in the month of December.