Immerse Yourself in Nature's Playground:
Explore, Discover, and Indulge at
Ragamaya!- The Best Luxury Resort in Munnar

Escape to the best luxury honeymoon resort in Munnar at Ragamaya, where you can immerse yourself in a world of adventure and tranquility. Embark on cycling trails through picturesque villages, trek through lush greenery, and discover the secrets of spice plantations. Indulge in culinary workshops, cozy bonfires, and enchanting birdwatching experiences. Create cherished memories in the heart of nature's paradise. Explore picturesque landscapes, indulge in gourmet delights, and create unforgettable holiday memories amidst the serene backdrop of lush forests and tranquil lakes.

Pedal through Paradise

Discover Munnar's Ponmudi Lake and Villages on Two Wheels, Embracing the Breeze and Scenic Beauty! Ideal for Honeymooners..

Local Community Excursion

This guided Jeep tour will take you from the resort to a nearby village, where local villagers will share insights into their way of life, including information about spices, herbs, and more.

Trekking - Discover Scenic Trails

Enjoy morning and evening treks to Ponmudi Lake, winding through the forest. Total duration: 1.5 hours. The pleasant weather and ambiance offer a wonderful holiday experience in Munnar.

Fun and Games for Little Ones

Kids' play area, set on the lawn with a fabulous view of the lake and infinity swimming pool, allows children to enjoy the pleasant weather of Munnar while playing. Discover why we're the best family-friendly resort in Munnar!

Master the Art of Flavor

Join our chef for unforgettable culinary experiences and learn about ethnic cuisines. Create cherished moments during your family holiday at Ragamaya, Munnar.

Gather 'Round the Flames

Gather around the campfire on our lawn every evening. Enjoy a cozy gathering to warm up in Munnar's chilly and foggy climate. It's the perfect way to experience the best of Munnar's weather.

Aromatic Spice Trails

Explore the rich heritage of Munnar's spice plantations with a visit to Ragamaya. Immerse yourself in the local community and experience the vibrant culture surrounding these aromatic spices.

Bird Watching

Enjoy the best birdwatching experience at our resort, nestled near the banks of a lake and surrounded by dense forests. Spot a variety of bird species, and discover plenty of spices growing near the lake. It's the ideal choice for birdwatchers on holiday in Munnar.

Explore Ragamaya's Environs

Ripple Waterfalls


Hanging Bridge

Ponmudi dam

Nadukani View Point

View Point- Wind Mill

Swargam Medu –
Lemongrass Hill
and View point