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Ragamaya Resort & Spa Munnar

The name "Ragamaya" is coined from two Sanskrit words: "Raga," meaning melodic mode, and "Maya," meaning illusion. This beautiful hermitage, located on the cliff with a view of the water body in the Western Ghats and serene forests, is depicted in our logo with a conch shell representing pure sound and the illusion created by experience, Maya. The purity in creation and every walk and every moment at its best can be experienced from nature at Ragamaya.

Among the conch shell, I am Panchaganya, and Maya represents the real world we see and live in. Drawing inspiration from classical epics and the wisdom of Ancient India, we have taken an oath to do justice to the hidden beauty preserved by nature.

Follow the melody of the conch shell to discover pure bliss Ragamaya. Our symbol mirrors our essence—a serene sanctuary cradled in nature. Nature's melody softly hums enchanting tunes, providing an indescribable sense of bliss. Come, be a part of Ragamaya, and immerse yourself in the captivating harmony of the winds, revitalizing your spirit amid our breathtaking landscape. Allow the pristine sound of the conch to elevate your senses, beckoning you to embark on a transcendent and rejuvenating journey .

Embark on a journey Ragamaya, where the sound of the conch shell beckons, creating a mesmerizing symphony that transcends the ordinary. In every ripple of this melodious echo, discover a serene retreat nestled amid nature's embrace. Panchajanya, our essence, invites you beyond imagination, reaching the shells of Munnar's breathtaking beauty. As you step into Ragamaya, consider yourself Panchajanya – a part of an extraordinary experience that goes beyond the ordinary, where every moment is a harmonious blend of tranquility and enchantment. Welcome to a realm where the echoes of nature create a symphony that resonates with your soul

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