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Looking For the Best Family Resort in Munnar?

Munnar is the most demanding tourist place in Kerala, especially for families. Numerous good resorts, homestays, cottages are available in Munnar which is ideal for families, big groups, honeymoon couples etc. The elegant-quaint resorts and cottages in Munnar are perfect for your vacation if a trip in the lap of natural surroundings, capped up with cosiness and luxury is all you are looking for. They will make you feel at your dream home and also let you lie in the happiness of serenity together with your loved ones. So a Stay at the best resorts and cottages will make your family trip to this Gods own country, Kerala worth recalling.

If you really messed up with your daily routines and you are now looking for a family escape from your hectic lives. Then find an ideal family resort or cottage for your family and you which could refresh your entire mind and soul. A family trip in Munnar can be more fun and enjoyable with the correct place to stay. Ragamaya Resorts & Spa is the best area for your family trip where you can connect with your inner self and your family and also helps to create a strong fondness with your loved ones. Here you will find a blissful peace environment combining with the spellbinding picturesque elements of Munnar that will definitely be reviving your entire trip. So of all the cottages and resorts in Munnar, the Ragamaya resort lets you experience the luxury of natural beauty like never before. With top-notch facilities, superb location, homelike hospitality, and it is certainly the perfect place to stay with your family.


Neelakurinji is such a Gods creation that is beautiful and rare and also its beauty is mysteriously captivating the nomads from various corners of the world. It is perhaps, the greatest and biggest visual treats for all kinds of tourists such as families, nature lovers, honeymoon couples etc. The dense forests and hills of Munnar located in the Western Ghats of South India which is the home to this special rare flower. The blooming of this gorgeous flower is usually in the months of July through October.But the rare and fascinating about this spectacle flower is that it blooms only once every 12 years. The vision of this flower flourishing in richness and wrapping the hills and backdrop is one to witness. A family can thoroughly enjoy this alluring beauty of this natures creation during the flower blooming time period. During this time, the areas of Munnar appears to be carpeted with this charming flower as individuals, families and holidaymakers come from near and far to sight this spectacle of art produced by Mother Nature. Special trips and outings are organised to help travellers to experience the mystic and splendour of this rare event.

If you have not travelled the misty hills of Munnar, then you have to make a plan for it. The season with the Neelakurinji flowers is the best time to visit the luxuriant hills and realise all its marvellous attractions. Remember to capture wonderful snaps and videos of the scenic magnificence during your holiday to the charming Munnar hills. Discover the realm, waterfalls, its wildlife, and all other natural bequests. You can choose the best resorts in Munnar from an array of resorts while planning a relaxed stay here. A luxury resort like Ragamaya resort & Spa brings the best out of the Neelakurinji experience for your family holiday trip during this season. We have the best holiday packages for this season to benefit you to relish the Neelakurinji vision.


Whether you are looking for the best resorts in Munnar for family or honeymoon couples, then you can stop searching. The Aranya Maya and Aranya Leela cottage with private plunge pools and attractive lake view or forest drag you another world of complete bliss. Ragamaya Resort in Munnar offers the ultimate family space in Munnar with endless family activities, where children might enjoy themselves and parents can able to relax. Aranya Maya is the 100 years old wooden cottage which is repositioned, firmly restored and renovated, in all its timeless magnificence, to homespun you in a different ambience. Aranya Maya includes two guest rooms, with one room accommodating a king size bed and the other 2 large twin beds. The wooden walls, sheer craft and ceilings, is the real treat for the senses. The royal furniture and the impressive memory foam beds drawl the traditional dignity of the guest rooms. AranyaLeela bids you a flawless blend of pure privacy and luxury. So that you can enjoy yourself in the world of loving togetherness with your better half.It is a 100 years old wooden ara with an old-style Kerala nalukettu which is carefully rehabilitated into this stylish cottage. Modern deluxe luxuries like king size memory foam bed, TV, Wi-Fi are all availed here. It is the excellent place to begin a new bond in your relationship which will create an unforgettable experience in your life.

So if you are searching for the perfect family holidays, head to Ragamaya resort & spa family cottages in Munnar to celebrate. Here we deliver all the amenities to our visitors within the reasonable prices. Perched amidst the cardamom plantation Ragamaya Resort is undoubtedly the top place to stay with your family. Located in the most charismatic and picturesque locale in the Western Ghats, one among the best resorts in Munnar for the family which offers top-notch accommodation facilities. To deal with your adrenaline rush for exploring the picturesque beauty of Munnar with your family, Ragamaya is the best homestays in Munnar to stay with your family for exploring the beauty of the paradise on the earth. We are the guarantee to offer a comfortable stay, homely food, lots of fun and adventure that will make a haunting holiday stay.