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Ragamaya - A Boutique Resort with Luxury Spa in Munnar

In a country like India, where even the winter season today feels like summer, people consider holidaying in some hill resorts as it is the best way to find respite from the dust and the grime of the plains. Now, it wouldn't be incorrect to say that in order to have a delightful holiday experience, it is important to choose the perfect resort. The resort is in fact the first impression one gets of a destination and a great choice that could be a lasting memory in your life.

Ragamaya Resort and Spa Munnar is one such favourite destination among Tourists. Nestled in the lap of natural beauty, Ragamaya is one of the finest luxury Spa Resorts in Munnar that beckons you with a Quality Spa,State-of-the-art facilities, Unmatched Hospitality and Unparalleled Views. This premium resort ensures you have a pleasant stay, offering its best.

Spandini the main highlight of Ragamaya Resort and Spa, includes 30 treatments, categorised under 5 package sessions. They are mainly;

1. Spa Therapy, 2. Kerala Ayurveda, 3. Spandini Signature Indulgence, 4. Spandini Body Care and 5. Spandini Facial Care.



Swedish: It involves rubbing, kneading and massaging your superficial body muscles like neck, shoulders and back with long gliding strokes in the direction of blood returning to the heart.


Deep Tissue: It targets the inner layers of your muscles to treat injuries, pain, and stiffness in your body and joints.

Hot and Cold Stone Therapy: The treatment utilises around 85 stones in varying temperatures and sizes to help you loosen the tight congested muscles and sooth tighten the relaxed muscles alternately.

Greek Wine Body Glow Massage: An effective body scrub made from the leftover pulp of crushed grape skin, mixed with portions of wine to give you a young, glowing skin.

indian Head Massage: It focuses on your scalp, face, upper back and shoulders, and is recommended for anyone, with or without any medical problems.

Corporate Chair Massage: The massage reduce your blood pressure, relieve arthritis, improve joint and muscle aches especially in painful areas of the neck and back, and even increase immunity to colds and flu!

Foot Reflexology: No part of the body is more abused than your feet. Walking, Standing, Running, Jumping. Kicking, Jogging your feet do it all! The treatment involves applying finger pressure to these reflexes on the feet, to promote good physical and mental health.

Instant Stress Buster: Its a combo of the art of living and Ayurveda that practices Yoga, Vedic Treatments and Spiritual Meditation. The mixture not only heals and harmonises your body but also helps to stabilise your physical and mental fitness.


Traditional Ayurveda Abhyanga: Here, your body is anointed with warm oil, infused with herbs, before bathing. Quite helpful for certain disorders and can be incorporated as a routine massage for almost everyone.


Siro Dhara: It involves gentle pouring of medicated herbal liquids over your forehead. The treatment is highly effective in reducing stress and promoting sound sleep.

Ayurveda Head Massage: An ancient practice that has strong roots in traditional Indian culture. The Oil massage strengthens and nourishes your hair, head, neck and shoulder and calms down your nervous system.

Ayurveda Foot Massage: The massage increases your blood circulation and promotes healthy sleep.

Podi Kizhi: A bolus of medicinal drugs with Njavara rice puddings, tied up in a muslin bag, massaged gently on your forehead to calm down the mind and reduce the strain/pressure.

Ayurveda Udvartana: An amazing Panchakarma Therapy, Udvartana involves massaging a unique herbal paste on your whole body, to lose excess weight - an ultimate remedy for all lifestyle and metabolic disorders.

Kadi Vasti: The treatment of medicated enema, that mainly removes your Vata related doshas from the intestine and helps to cure disorders like piles, constipation, arthritis etc.

Nasyam: The process of inhalation of medicated oil through the nasal route to eliminating your excess mucus that mounts up in the sinus, throat, nose, head etc. Very effective to treat sinusitis, migraine, chronic cold, chest congestion, hemiplegia and facial paralysis.


Back Comfort: Back pain is a very common health complaint, especially for women and IT workers. Spandini approach is safe and effective and helps retard the chances of a recurrence.



Mineral Body Polish and Wrap: A mineral-rich formula wrapped in cotton or other bandage packs, applied to your limbs and torso that extracts dirt, toxins and excess water from the skin thereby enhancing the healthy appearance.

Kerala Ayurveda Body Polish: An Ayurvedic Oil pampering according to your body constitution, for wellness and rejuvenation.


Aroma Facial: Its a steaming process combined with essential oils that clean up your pores and impurities thoroughly, and gives your face a refreshing glow.


Algae Mineral Facial: It draws out impurities from the pores, clears up blemishes and tones the face thereby making your skin soft, smooth and young.

Chocolate Facial: Works wonders. It helps in enhancing the complexion and gives you flawless skin.

Pearl Choco Wine Facial: A nourishing & revitalizing treatment, known to give lustre and glow to your skin.

Ayurveda Marma Facial: 'Marma points' are the body's vital energy points, located over lymph nodes, joints and the 7 chakras which are associated with the major endocrine glands. The treatment carries out full massage from Head to Toe, improving your state of mind and body besides a natural facelift.

Aqua Therapy: Here, your treatments and exercises are performed in water for relaxation, fitness, physical rehabilitation, and other therapeutic benefits.

To sum it all up,the Benefits of Ayurvedic Spa go far beyond beautification and relaxation. It de-stress your body, mind and soul and promotes overall wellness. It can be carried out for curing diseases and preventing the factors causing different ailments. At Ragamaya Resort and Spa, Munnar...all the treatments are carried out under the supervision of experienced doctors. The procedures under the package can be customized as per the body constitution of each individual undergoing the treatment.

For further information, please call us at 4868-253500 or you may log on to our site,, we will be glad to assist you always.