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The Best Honeymoon Destination in Kerala

As you drive up the picture-perfect rolling hills of Munnar? into the heart of the tea estates, you discover the magnificent expanse of nature casting a spell on you, silently. The sky, the wild winds, the undulating slopes lazing under the thick canopy of verdant greenery, the tranquil emerald green lake, the distant call of birds wafting in the wind, the world you left behind a while ago, all of a sudden would seem so other-worldly. Munnar is said to be one of the highest honeymooning destinations in Kerala. It surely is one of the perfect places for the newlyweds to begin their life together.

As you step into Ragamaya Resort & Spa the?luxury honeymoon resort in Munnar, you hear blowing winds playing welcome notes. Perched snugly on a scenic Munnar hill-slope, Ragamaya opens to a breath-taking view of the Ponmudi Lake and the thick rainforests of the Western Ghats rainforests. Occupying the best of scenic vistas in the Munnar hills, Ragamaya consists of 20 well-appointed guest rooms, complemented by uber amenities and facilities which fuse smoothly with the verdant spread of nature that surrounds you.

Aranya Maya - Exclusive Honeymoon Pool Villa

There are times in life when the apple of your eye becomes the very centre of your universe. Those are the rare once-in-a-lifetime moments, when nothing in the world can come between you and your beloved. Aranya Leela, the luxury?honeymoon cottage in Munnar?is thoughtfully created for those love-doves who wish to dote on each other in a haven of their own. Romantically tucked away on the hillside facing the lake, Aranya Leela offers you a perfect blend of both Ragamaya's?signature luxury and unfettered privacy, that you can bid good-bye to reality and get lost in the magic of love and togetherness. Aranya Leela is a 100 year old wooden of a traditional Kerala nalukettu?which has been painstakingly converted into this elegant cottage. Modern luxurious comforts like the king size memory foam bed (for 2 adults), TV, Wi-Fi, etc. blend flawlessly with the antique ambience. Saunter along the virgin hill slopes, pluck wayside flowers and adorn your love, chase wild butterflies or just cuddle up together in the temperature controlled plunge pool under the open sky and count the stars. Do things you have never done before.